Netflix’s new show Ginny and Georgia joked about the singer’s famous dating history. Users have been showing their support for the singer with the trend “respect for Taylor Swift”, demanding for media to stop criticising her.

Taylor Swift’s relationship has always been in the spotlight since 13 years ago, when she got together with Joe Jonas. Over the years, the singer has reportedly got together with 12 different guys and is famous for how short-lived each of them have been.

The pop star is best known for being inspired by her dating troubles, with songs openly criticising her ex’s. Most notably, Harry Styles was called out in her 2012 hit “I knew You Were Trouble” after they dated for a few months. When they split, she tweeted “…’til you put me down”, a lyric from the song.

Seems like the 31-year-old has learnt her lesson since she’s been keeping her latest relationship with actor Joe Alwyn very private.

Despite this, the media does not let us forget about her personal life as Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia has been latest critic of her dating troubles.

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Why is RESPECT FOR TAYLOR trending?

Netflix premiered their new drama comedy Ginny and Georgia on February 24 2021. The last episode of season one included a line saying “You go through men faster than Taylor Swift”.

Taylor isn’t the only female under attack; Lady Gaga and Lana Del Ray have been a target too.

Immediately, fans went onto Twitter to support the singer and blasted the show for unnecessarily using her dating life as the joke. They are branding the show, its creators and the media for being misogynistic as many male singers sing about their past girlfriends, yet the industry do not bat an eyelash at it.

Twitter reactions to RESPECT FOR TAYLOR

Swifties are demanding an apology from Netflix for slut-shaming the pop star, but they still have yet to comment. Likewise, the creator, Sarah Lampert, has not responded to the trend yet.

We hope there will be an official response soon, as the audience have already taken to review websites to bring down the ratings, and it hasn’t even been a day yet.

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