Russian nine-year-old Felicia Kononchuk has both shocked and saddened TikTok users after uploading a video moments before her tragic death.

The incident occurred in the Russian city of Chita on February 17th. Felicia Kononchuk, who used TikTok to share videos to her friends, documented her haunting last moments on the app.

Now, “nightmare neighbour” Vasily Dunets has been arrested for the murder of the young girl. The video in question captured her fear over his behaviour just before it happened.

Felicia Kononchuk’s TikTok video

Under the account @bypseni1, Felicia Kononchuk uploaded two videos documenting her neighbours behaviour before she was killed.

In the video, she explains that she and her brothers, aged four and 14, were home alone while her dad went to the shop. Someone can be heard knocking on the door heavily and raging about noise from the father’s house repairs.

She says that the man had been knocking loudly for a long time. “He has been standing here for several minutes, knocking and cursing. I’m scared,” she said according to Yahoo News.

“Something bad is going on here. … I don’t know what to do, he will just break our door now and that’s it. I’m very scared, my heart is beating,” she continued. The clips were added alongside videos of her trying to remain positive, showing her feet dancing, and attempting to quickly peek outside the door.



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What happened after the video?

According to 7News, Vasily Dunets rage lasted for over an hour. Around 15 minutes after the TikTok video was uploaded, he allegedly fired his rifle through the door, hitting and killing Felicia.

According to later videos by her father, the nightmare neighbour knocked on the door, softly this time, while he was home. Mistaking the knock for a friend picking her up, Felicia Kononchuk opened the door. This is when the fatal shots were fired.

Her father said: “I ran into the corridor and saw my daughter covered in blood. She croaked: ‘Dad, I’ve been killed!’ I took her in my arms and shouted to my son and the repair workers to call an ambulance.”

“When the ambulance arrived, I carried her to them but the doctors said that she had no chance to survive.”

Reportedly, Russia’s top criminal investigator and former classmate of Vladimir Putin is leading the case.