Want a custom profile picture for Netflix? Here’s how to change your photo icon. Follow these simple steps to personalise your streaming experience.

Netflix has become the streaming service of choice for so many audiences around the world.

From TV hits such as Stranger Things and Bridgerton to films from such celebrated filmmakers as David Fincher (Mank) and Spike Lee (Da 5 Bloods), the streamer arguably caters to all tastes.

Perhaps one of the best things about Netflix is the way in which the service helps make the experience of streaming feel personal.

When watching a title, we’re asked whether we are enjoying it or not and are given the option to rate the content we consume. This means that we’re recommended a wealth of offerings based on our preference, so that very few Netflix profiles look the same.

However, some would say that the profile pictures fail to reflect this unique experience.

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Nevertheless, there’s actually a way to add a custom profile picture for Netflix, so here’s how to change your photo icon…

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Custom profile picture for Netflix: How to change

Simply follow these instructions to add a custom profile picture for Netflix:

  • Download the Google Chrome extension called Custom Profile Picture for Netflix
  • Hop onto Netflix and access the ‘Manage Profiles’ page
  • Open Custom Profile Picture for Netflix. This then gives you the option to change profile pictures for Netflix accounts
  • Select a photo that is saved to your computer (the picture has to be a .jpeg under 5MB that will fit into the shape of a square)

Alternatively, you can also connect your Facebook account with your Netflix account, which means that your Facebook profile picture will be added as your Netflix profile icon.

Additionally, there’s a way to change your Netflix icon to something which reflects your tastes instead.

Netflix: How to change your profile photo icon

If you don’t wish to add a photo of yourself but still feel like changing your profile picture, then you’re in luck.

Simply head over to Netflix through any web browser and look over at the top right corner of your screen where the Netflix icon is displayed. Select ‘Manage Profiles’ and click the pencil on your icon.

Now that you’re on ‘Edit Profile’, select the pencil icon again and search through the assortment of images provided by Netflix, which includes photos from a range of popular shows.

Choose the one you wish to have represent your profile and you’re all set. Happy scrolling!

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