Boycott Wendy’s has been trending on Twitter, and many are confused about what really happened. Here’s a look at the Twitter trend and how a Twitch stream brought this fate on the fast-food joint.

This is not the first time that boycott Wendy’s has trended on Twitter. However, this might be the first time that this trend came about because of a Twitch streamer. Several people have been left confused as to what happened, and here are all the details for you.

Boycott Wendy’s explained

The drama started when Wendy’s decided to stream at Twitch. Taking to Twitter they wrote, “Well, you convinced us to play genshin impact, but now you have to come to the stream and help us figure out what we’re doing. Let’s do it!”

Unfortunately, their stream did not go as planned. Some Minecraft streamers decided to join the stream and asked Wendy’s to sponsor George not found, a streamer who has millions of followers. Wendy denied doing so and fans got upset. Wendy’s later asked in a poll on Twitter if they should ban George.

Following this, Dream, a fellow streamer with over 18 million followers, decided to join in on the fun. He posted a picture of Denny’s and asked his followers to boycott Wendy.

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It was almost like his wish was the command for all his fans. Within seconds, boycott Wendy’s started trending. In short, the trend is nothing but a silly prank being played by streamers.

Twitter reacts to boycott Wendy’s trend

Several people have been wondering what had happened. Even though some joined in on the trend, others thought the trend needed to stop. “Stop using #boycottwendys please you stans are annoying as hell,” wrote one user.

Another added, “wake up and I see someone try #boycottwendys to see if something bad happen but no it just cancel culture at its work case some streamer told them to do it… Yeah, Cancel Culture needs to stop…”

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