The ‘Turtleneck and Blazer’ TikTok reached over 1m views since it was uploaded to the internet. So, what is the video all about and who is the genius that created it?

The majority of #turtleneck videos on TikTok offer style advice, from how to wear a turtleneck to the best places to shop for this particular style of top. The Turtleneck and Blazer TikTok in question, though, is far from a basic “how to style a black turtleneck” video.

Screenshot: TikTok user @yourpal_austin

Who created ‘Turtleneck and Blazer’? 

The ‘Turtleneck and Blazer’ song on TikTok was originally created by TikTok user @yourpal_austin whose real name is Austin Archer.

The TikTok video sees Austin and a female friend, who features in more of his videos, modelling their turtlenecks and blazers after she asks him: “Hey what dyou wanna wear tonight?”

The song which gives serious 80s vibes was created by Austin and begins: “Turtleneck and blazer, on point like a laser”. More lyrics include: “You wanna dress in a way that makes you feel sexy and a little sophisticated”.

The ‘Turtleneck and Blazer’ song on TikTok 

Austin released the catchy tune and TikTok upon the world back in January 2021, so why is the song trending again now?

Well, it looks as though the TikTok has gained fans in unexpected places as Kevin Chamberlin from Disney Channel’s Jessie has jumped on board the trend on February 26th.

Kevin can be seen giving Austin a run for his money as he gives his take on wearing turtlenecks and blazers alongside two pals.

To use the Turtleneck and Blazer audio for yourself, simply click the audio text and save it for yourself. Then, when recording your own TikTok, the audio will be available for you to use.


Finally something we can all agree on #turtleneckandblazer #boybandchallenge 🎶 @yourpal_austin 👯‍♂️ @timdhooper & @chattypilot #fyp #king

♬ original sound – Austin Archer

Meet Austin Archer on TikTok 

Singer-songwriter Austin has a following of around 140k on TikTok while Kevin Chamberlin has 4.6m, so it’s likely that Austin’s original audio could be about to gain even more fans on TikTok following Kevin and co’s hilarious Turtleneck and Blazer video.

Austin describes himself on TikTok as a “fake comedian” and he’s released songs other than “Turtleneck and Blazer” which can be found via his website. He’s originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, but now lives in LA.

The Turtleneck and Blazer creator was interviewed on TV due to his TikTok fame in January 2021, and, of course, in true Austin Archer style, he made a montage video of that experience, too. Austin sings over his interview: “Going on the TV, in a turtleneck and bleezy…”

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