Ned Luke is not dead despite what social media users are saying. The GTA voice actor battled Covid-19 in 2021, however, he made a full recovery and posted a video online of himself walking out of hospital on January 20th.

Rumours that Ned Luke has passed away are circulating in February 2021. However, it doesn’t look as though the rumours have stemmed from any reliable source.

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Rumours circulate that Ned Luke is dead

February 2021 is not the first time that rumours have circulated regarding whether Ned Luke is alive or not.

The actor regularly posts to social media, so it doesn’t make sense that rumours flew around in 2020 regarding his ‘death’. Ned can be seen alive and well on Instagram throughout 2020 and 2021.

According to, Ned took to social media in 2020 to debunk the rumours. Now social media users are Tweeting their condolences: “Are you dead rip legend if not get better soon god is with you”.

Ned battles Covid-19 in 2021

To say that Ned had Covid-19 in 2021 would be correct. However, to suggest that the actor and voice of Michael De Santa has passed away would be far from the truth.

Ned was hospitalised in January with Covid-19 and many fans wished him a speedy recovery.

The GTA star responded to many of the well-wishers and kept his fans up-to-date with his health scare. Ned took to Twitter to say that he was feeling better on January 18th to which one person Tweeted: “Why did people say you were dead? I’m so happy you recovered”.

Where did the rumours about Ned come from?

It’s unclear where the rumours stemmed from exactly regarding Ned suggested ‘passing away’. However, by the looks of things, the rumour could have its origins in TikTok. There are videos on TikTok suggesting that the actor had died in 2020.

The news then hit Twitter where many have discussed the rumours. One person Tweeted: “So fake news on tik tok I heard that thy say that your dead but here you are” and another said: “Is he dead i seen a tiktok saying he died”.

Some TikTok users including @thefakesppiralz shared videos stating the truth, that Ned had recovered from Covid. Stay up-to-date with Ned on Instagram @ned_luke where he has around 470k followers. The voice actor took to IG as recently as February 21st, 2021.

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