Singer Billie Holiday became a trending topic after the release of ‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday.’ Here’s a look at if she had any children as her personal life before death is explored.

Billie had passed away in 1959 after she was hospitalized due to cirrhosis of the liver. Ever since the movie has come out, people have been reacting to it on Twitter. Several people applauded the movie and recommended others to watch it. While the movie is a mix of fiction and reality, here’s a look at Billie’s personal life.

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Did Billie Holiday have any children?

Billie never had any children of her own. However, she had two godchildren who she cared about deeply. The singer managed to become a well-known name in the industry after struggling for many years.

Several people found out more about her personal life after she released the book ‘Lady Sings The Blues.’ In it, Billie had detailed how hard her life had been and the struggles she had to overcome to achieve success. Through all this, one thing that helped Billie keep calm was music.

Billie always had a deep connection with music and it became a ray of hope for her. She started singing when she was in her early teens and by the time she was 18, record labels were fighting for her. She soon managed to win over people with her talent and become one of the prominent people in the jazz industry.

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Who was Billie Holiday’s husband?

Billie had been three times. She was first married to Joe Guy. It is unclear what led to their split. Billie decided to give love a second chance and got married to Jimmy Monroe.

The singer found herself addicted to drugs during her marriage to Monroe. Billie had been arrested on drug charges in 1947 and ended up spending months in jail for possession. Two years later she was caught again by the police. During this, her marriage with Jimmy also suffered as she found out he was cheating on her. The two went their separate ways.

Later, Billie got married to Louis McKay. It is reported that Louis was physically abusive towards Billie. The pair ended up separating. However, after her death, it was Louis who made all the arrangements for the funeral.