Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….and armed with screenshots and glue, as this woman who calls out her cheating boyfriend proves. Watch the viral TikTok and find out what happened.

TikTok user @lovetruthink has gone viral for exposing her cheating boyfriend by gluing evidence to his walls. The video has reached over one million likes so far, but it just keeps growing.

Watch as this woman calls out her cheating boyfriend by gluing screenshots to his wall

“My boyfriend consistently tells me I’m crazy and paranoid for thinking he’s cheating. So I decided to print out all the evidence I found, this way he can’t gaslight his way out of it,” begins Emely Zambrano.

The video then shows her printing messages and pictures, including  nudes with “naughty parts”, before going to Home Depot and buying spray super glue. You can guess the rest.

“Being the good girlfriend that I am, I decided to redecorate my boyfriend’s room,” she says.

In part two, she shows the newly decorated room, with walls completely covered in glued on screenshots, including the mirror “because he probably won’t be able to look at himself after this.” She claims that she’s known for four days that he’s cheated with three women.

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In later videos, Emely also alleges her suspicions began when he asked her to block his ex-girlfriend on Instagram, was overprotective of his phone, and had his screen notifications turned off.

How did he respond?

After the woman calls out her cheating boyfriend, she made videos further explaining the situation.

In follow up TikToks, she explains that she decided not to be there for his reaction to her gluing screenshots to his wall, to prevent him from manipulating his way out of it, which she says he had done before.

Emely claims she told him she had planned a surprise for him, and duped him with balloons and signs on the way to his room. When he text her that he was on his way, she blocked and ghosted him.

He did however allegedly leave her a voicemail, denying any cheating ever happened.

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