Joe Rogan interviewed Robert Bigelow on his latest podcast episode “The Joe Rogan Experience”. Here’s everything you need to know about the businessman.

Robert Bigelow is a space exploration enthusiast, who has been providing financial support for investigations of parapsychological issues, including UFOs and the continuation of consciousness after death.

In an interview with 60 Minutes in 2017, Bigelow claimed that he’s “absolutely convinced” that aliens exist and have visited Earth.

Who is Robert Bigelow?

Robert Bigelow is a 75-year-old businessman born in Nevada, USA, son of Robert L. Bigelow and Jewel Thebo Bigelow.

He has studied Banking and Real Estate at the University of Nevada, Reno and Arizona State University.

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Bigelow has been married to Diane Mona Bigelow for 55 years, who has been by the businessman’s side since the very beginning of his career.

Robert Bigelow has had a passion for discovering life in space since the age of 12. He followed a career in commercial real estate hotels to earn money and fund his own space program.

He founded “Bigelow Aerospace” in 1999 and is the owner of the hotel chain “Budget Suites of America.

In June 2020, he founded the “Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies to support investigations into the unsolved mystery “life after death”.

Having built a real estate empire and funded his own space technology company, Robert Bigelow’s net worth is currently estimated at around one billion dollars.

Robert Bigelow on The Joe Rogan Experience

Robert Bigelow was the latest guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on February 25th, 2021, to talk about his career and his contribution to space research.

In the episode, Bigelow revealed that he sure does have a fascination with UFO’s, which actually started when he was just three years old by a story his mother told him about his grandparents experiencing a close encounter.

Bigelow shares that he’s concerned about the present and that he’s interested in discovering new things that could make a difference today, rather than going back to the history of humankind.

Listen to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode with Robert Bigelow here.