A woman has gone viral on TikTok after pretending to be Ted Cruz’s daughter Caroline in a hilarious parody video.

Last week, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was heavily criticised online after he flew to Cancun, Mexico during the Texas snow crisis.

At the time, Joe Biden had just approved a state of emergency in the state as temperatures hit -18C and millions of people were left without water and electricity.

Upon his return to Texas, Cruz published a statement saying that he had planned the trip for his daughters, and jokes flooded social media that he was blaming his daughters for the holiday.

Now, a video has emerged on TikTok that sees Ted Cruz’s ‘daughter’ taking full responsibility for the Mexico trip. Well, it’s not actually his daughter, but people are getting pretty confused.

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Does Ted Cruz’s daughter have TikTok?

  • No.

To public knowledge, neither of Ted Cruz’s daughters have a TikTok profile. The senator has two daughters, Caroline, 12, and Catherine, 10.

However, people have been getting confused after a parody video went viral of a woman pretending to be Caroline Cruz.

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TikTok user pretends to be Caroline Cruz

A video uploaded by a TikTok user called @sheadepmore has gone viral after she pretended to be Ted Cruz’s daughter Caroline, and it’s certainly been fooling a lot of social media users.

In the video posted last week, the woman says “hey I’m Ted Cruz’s daughter” before going on to discuss the events that happened surrounding Ted and his trip to Cancun last week.

“My dad wants you to know that if you’re gonna blame anyone for his actions you should blame me and my ten-year-old sister,” she said before continuing:

“It was our idea to go to Cancun, the failing New York Times is lying about text messages saying ‘it’s freezing, who wants to go to Cancun’. We planned this forever ago so we could not have known there would be a deadly crisis that should keep us home, besides the pandemic.”

The video has had almost 150,000 views and continues to fool social media users as people think it’s Ted’s real daughter.


A message from Ted Cruz’s daughter 💞 #politicalsatire #satire (cc in comments)

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The TikTok is mocking Ted Cruz’s recent trip to Cancun

The viral TikTok video is a parody that mocks Ted Cruz and his trip to Cancun last week.

The Texas Senator landed himself in hot water after he flew to Mexico for a family holiday whilst the state was experiencing its coldest weather in over 30 years.

When he returned, he published a statement that essentially blamed his daughters for the trip to Cancun, which is where the TikTok parody originates.

Ted Cruz argued that he had planned the holiday for his daughters as he “wanted to be a good dad”, but returned to Texas because it “didn’t feel right” amid the snow crisis.

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