Toymaker Hasbro announced yesterday that they are dropping the ‘Mr’ from the Mr Potato Head brand, and memes are now flooding Twitter.

On Thursday, Hasbro announced that its Mr Potato Head toy is having a rebrand and becoming gender-neutral, revealing that they are dropping the ‘Mr’ from its title.

As reported by CNN, the company said: “Hasbro is making sure all feel welcome in the Potato Head world by officially dropping the Mr. from the Mr. Potato Head brand name and logo to promote gender equality and inclusion.”

The toys will now just be known as ‘potato head’ and the change will appear on boxes later this year.

However, after much confusion, they clarified in a tweet that ‘Mr’ is being removed from the brand name but not from the actual toys, meaning that Mr and Mrs Potato Head will still be available to buy.

Now, memes are flooding Twitter as people react to the news. Here are some of the funniest…

Toy Story Mr Potato Head Header (Pixar)

17 Potato Head Memes

Our cancelled characters welcomed a new hero today.

Tucker Carlson producers rewriting his show after the Potato Head news.

Potato Head gender reveal party.

Just reminding everyone that Potato Head is actually just plastic.

Wait until everyone finds out that Ken isn’t anatomically correct.

This iconic Toy Story line didn’t age well.

Mrs Potato Head is staying suspiciously quiet in all of this.

Please give Potato Head some space.

Potato Head’s were already gender neutral.

Everyone got Potato Head trending on Twitter, that’s the real achievement.

People in the Potato Head debate yelling at each other like…

Everyone’s getting really pressed over a potato.

The two Potato Head genders.

Everything’s getting kinda tense isn’t it.

You tell them Marge Simpson.

This is how people will be talking in the club.

The debates are getting really intense.

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