What is Pete Weber’s net worth? Today marks nine years since a vital part of iconic American history—Pete Weber shouting ‘who do you think you are? I am’. Let’s dive into where he is now, including his net worth.

On February 26th, 2012, American bowler Pete Weber won the U.S. Open. Upon his victory, he famously turned to the crowd in a fit of what appears to be anger, but likely joy, and shouts:

“Yes, god dammit, yes! That is right, I did it! Number five, are you kidding me? That’s right! Who do you think you are? I am!”

It make absolutely no sense, but it was iconic. According to Pete, the gibberish was meant to be: “Who do you think you are rooting against me? I am the man in this tournament.” So just a tad off there then.

According to the bowler, there was a young heckler in the audience who had been routing against him the whole tournament.

Nine years on, Twitter has been looking back at the hilarious  moment once more. One fan even dubbed it, “the single most iconic celebration in the history of sports.”

Where is he now?

Pete Weber is still one of the top bowlers in the world. In the time since 2012, he’s become the oldest winner of the U.S. Open and the Tournament of Champions.

His 2015 win at the Suncoast PBA Senior U.S. Open made him the second player in history to with U.S. Open on both that PBA Tour and the PBA50 Tour. In 2017, Pete Weber won his 11th PBA50 title. He’s also the only bowler to win four consecutive PBA50 Tour events.

He’s still married to wife Tracey Weber, who he has three children with.

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images for PBA

What is Pete Weber’s net worth?

Pete Weber is worth a reported $3.5million. It’s likely that most of his net worth comes from his career in bowling, as nothing hints towards any other business ventures.

His career began in 1979, while he was just 17, so having millions through his bowling career alone is attainable.

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