Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry shows a whole new side to her rise to momentous fame, and Brandon Adams, the ex-boyfriend who was there during it.

The documentary premiered on Apple TV+ today, February 26th, and gives fans an insight into some of the biggest events in her career. The documentary documents her journey from the Ocean Eyes release in 2016 to the 2020 Grammys.

While the doc captures Billie headlining Coachella, releasing a hit album and winning Grammys, fans have also been captured by a surprising someone featured throughout. Ex-boyfriend Brandon Adams, who has always been kept private, first appears in a 2018 clip, when Billie was 16.

Throughout the documentary we see them holding hands, talking on the phone and even ice skating. But The World’s a Little Blurry also captures the breakdown of their relationship in 2019, while Billie Talks explicitly about her feelings towards the split.

Although for many it will come as a shock, hardcore fans of Billie Eilish have long suspected the pair were together. Instagram Stories, appearing in backgrounds of videos, and even Billie featuring on his album cover, all hinted to fans that something was going on.

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Who is Brandon Adams?

24-year-old Brandon Adams is an American rapper that goes by the name 7: Amp, but Billie refers to him as ‘Q’.

He first broke into the music scene with his 2019 album title Bleaupro, which featured in image of Billie on the cover.

On Instagram he previously used the handle @mtvsevenamp, but his account reportedly deactivated on Tuesday.

Not much was given away about their relationship at the time, but the pair were often captured in videos by mutual friends the Bell Twins.

Brandon Adams’ break-up with Billie Eilish

Fans who have already seen the documentary will be well-aware of the pair’s split. The first hint at the demise of their relationship was in February 2019 footage, when the star said she felt “lonely” on Valentine’s Day, claiming that Brandon didn’t get her anything and had been distant.

While prepping for her now-famous 2019 Coachella performance, she spoke to brother Finneas about Brandon: “I said, ‘I’m getting you tickets for this, and the deal is that you have to spend time with me. You have to see me if I’m going to let you come for free. Haven’t seen him in two day.”

Billie Eilish also alleged in the documentary that he punched a wall, telling her friend Zoe: “I’m trying to get him to go to therap. He’s so self-destructive.”

Their break-up however is confirmed when Billie explains why she split from her boyfriend backstage at her concert:

“I just wasn’t happy. And I didn’t want the same things he wanted and I don’t think that’s fair, for him. I don’t think you should be in a relationship, super excited about certain things that the other person couldn’t care less about.”

“And there was just a lack of effort, I think. I literally was just like, ‘Dude, you don’t even have enough love to love yourself, you can’t love me. And you don’t. Like, you think you do.'”

“I do love him, though, which is what made it harder. ‘Cause I’m not over him,” she said. “I didn’t find someone else. I didn’t stop having love for him. I just, like, spent time away from him for a little bit and I was like, ‘Wow. I’m missing so much because I’m worried about you all the time.'”

Other than this documentary, Billie Eilish has been tight-lipped about Brandon Adams, but in 2020 Vogue Interview she claimed that one of the causes of her depression was, “a romantic relationship with someone who treated her poorly.”

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