The first still images from Kingdom’s special episode ‘Ashin of the North’ have been revealed, but what date will the K-drama release on Netflix?

Between Train to Busan, #Alive and Kingdom, South Korea is becoming the zombie-capitol of the world.

Kingdom, the Korean zombie series on Netflix, is arguably one of the most popular horror series on the entire platform and ever since season 2 concluded last March, fans have been desperate to sink their teeth into some new episodes.

Whilst season 3 has been put on a temporary hiatus, we finally have the first stills from Kingdom’s upcoming special episode, Ashin of the North.

In this article, we breakdown what date fans can expect the episode to release, as well as the plot and cast for the highly-anticipated special.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North – Release date

  • Kingdom: Ashin of the North will release in 2021, but a more specific release date has not been confirmed.

As very little news about Ashin of the North has been revealed, there is a lack of information concerning when the special episode could debut on Netflix.

However, we do know that production on the special episode has already begun – there was even an incident where part of a castle burned down during filming in January.

An optimistic prediction would be that Ashin of the North will release on Netflix in Summer-2021 but considering the lack of information currently available, a more realistic expectation would be for a Fall premiere.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North – Plot

Kingdom: Ashin of the North will tell the story of Gianna Jun, the mysterious woman who appeared in the closing scene of season 2.

According to What’s-On-Netflix, the episode will take “place in the Northern Korean Peninsula”, where we will learn more about Gianna Jun, the “head of the Royal Commandery” and about the “origins of the resurrection plant.”

Speaking at a recent event in South Korea, screenwriter for the Kingdom series Kim Eun Hee and director Kim Sung Hoon revealed why the decision was made to produce a special episode.

“We cannot leave out the story of the saengsacho (the resurrection plant). I decided to go with a special episode because I thought it would be more interesting.” Kim Sung Hoon then added, “If the first season served as the cornerstone of the world, ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ will be a stepping stone to go beyond ‘Kingdom 3.’” – Kim Eun Hee and Kim Sung Hoon, via Soompi.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North – Cast

At the time of writing, only two cast members have been confirmed to appear in Ashin of the North.

Jun Ji-hyun will be appearing as the mysterious Ashin, with Park Byung-Eun returning as the Royal Commandery.

This article will be updated as soon as more information on Kingdom: Ashin of the North is revealed.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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