Age of samurai: Battle for Japan is set to hit Netflix today with a 6 part series. Fans are wondering who the voice behind it will be. We look into the Narrator for the series, Hiro Kanagawa.

The documentary series will be set in the ‘Age of Samurai’, starting in 1551. It follows the warriors of history that tried to shape Japan as they fought for power.

The historical drama will show re-enactments and commentaries by experts of 16th-century feudal Japan. We can expect to see the likes of Masayoshi Haneda, Masami Kosaka, Hideaki Ito and more.

Who is Age of Samurai narrator: Hiro Kanagawa?

  • Age of Samurai will feature well-known, Japanese-Canadian actor, Hiro Kanagawa as the narrator for all 6 episodes of season 1.

He was born on 13th October 1963 in Hokkaido, Japan. However, when he was 3 years old his family migrated to Canada. His upbringing was spread across Canada, USA and Japan.

Kanagawa attended Middlebury College where he studied sculpting but became disinterested in the topic and moved on to Simon Fraser University where he studied his master’s degree, it was at SFU that “he penned his first full-length play”, according to Tricity News.

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Kanagawa’s Canadian citizenship card

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Hiro Kanagawa: Family

Kanagawa is married to Tasha Faye Evans, the two have been married since 2004. As of 21st June 2020, they have been married for 16 years. Kanagawa and Evans married in Japan and held a traditional Shinto ceremony.

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Kanagawa and Evans on their wedding day in Japan

Kanagawa and Evans have 2 children together, A son, Niko who was born in 2006 and a daughter, Maia who was born in 2009. The family resides in Vancouver, Canada, where they have lived since 1990.

He is very family-oriented and regularly posts his family members on social media to show his appreciation for them. His mother recently turned 88 years old in December 2020. He noted in a post on Instagram that this is a milestone for Japanese people called ‘Beijyu’.

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Christmas at the Kanagawa/Evans residence

Hiro Kanagawa: Filmography

Kanagawa’s accreditations as an actor date back as far as the late ’70s where he first worked as a voice actor on ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ (1979). According to his official page, it states about him, “he has become a mainstay of the industry with close to 170 credits in projects ranging from blockbuster features to indie films and hit series to cult favorites”. At the time of writing this, IMDB shows 195 credits but is more likely closer to 200.

Some of Kanagawa’s most notable acting roles include:

  • Altered Carbon as Captain Tanaka
  • Smallville as Principal Kwan
  • Dark Angel as Theo
  • Supernatural as Game show host
  • iZombie as Lieutenant Suzuki
  • The Man in the High Castle as Taishi Okamura
  • The X-Files as Dr. Yonechi/Peter Tanaka/Garner
  • The Outer Limits as Ron Hikida/Tali

The Voice acting roles he is well known for are as follows:

  • Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat as The Foolish Magistrate
  • Master Keaton as Fumio Hisayama
  • InuYasha as Saint Hakushin
  • Fantastic four: World’s greatest Heroes as Mr.Fantastic
  • Black Lagoon as Col. Matsuto
  • Monster Beach as Stress Leave
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon as Gihren Zabi
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front (Video game) as Gihren Zabi

He is set to appear in ‘Crisis’, this year as well as some films that are now post-production with the release date to be revealed. These films include titles such as ‘Needle in a Timestack’, ‘Orphan: First Kill’, ‘You Belong to Me’ and ‘Alive II’.

Fan posts tribute to Hiro Kanagawa on YouTube with his greatest moments compiled!

Please note: Hiro Kanagawa’s Instagram account does not have a verified blue tick. However, media outlets have linked this as his Instagram and posts appear to be personal. So while we think this is his official Instagram page we are not able to confirm this at the time of writing.

By Iram Sharifah Khan – [email protected]

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