Jonathan Bennett has found himself in a Chris Evans situation. The ‘Mean Girl’ actor who is famous for his role of  Aaron Samuels leaked his own picture by mistake. Here’s what happened.

In the past, we have seen few celebrities leak their own picture by mistake. One of the most famous ones last year was of Chris. This year, Jonathan has found himself in the same bubble. After several people came across the picture, they were quick to react to it.

Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Jonathan Bennett’s coffee cup leaked picture

The actor found himself in trouble for an Instagram story that he had posted. The post showed Jonathan having a nice time while sipping on some coffee. He had shared the picture of his coffee cup on Instagram. However, little did he know that people could see his reflection on it.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Jonathan forgot to cover his modesty and several of them took to Twitter to react to it. Jonathan was quick to remove the story from his Instagram as soon as he realized what he did. However, that did not stop people from reacting to it on social media.

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Twitter reacts to Jonathan Bennett’s picture

It did not take long enough for Twitter to react to the picture. “Did you have any more coffee today I’m asking for me @JonathanBennett,” wrote one user. ” “coming on Twitter and seeing why Jonathan Bennett is trending,” wrote another user while sharing a picture of a meme. “My reaction when I looked up why Jonathan Bennett is trending,” wrote another while sharing a picture of a shocked look.

Some could not get over the fact how Chris had made the same mistake. “Jonathan Bennett really tried to pull a Chris Evans, huh?” one joked. Another added, “Jonathan Bennett and Chris Evans” while sharing the famous Spider-man meme.

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