There’s plenty to look forward to in the very near future for Sony loyalists with a State of Play happening on February 25th. However, before this State of Play episode comes about, fans can expect the PS Plus March 2021 free games to be revealed. Although predictions are rarely ever correct, here you’ll find some PS Plus March 2021 free games predictions so you can get your hopes up only to be disappointed or pleasantly surprised.

Aside from the aforementioned State of Play, Sony is also bringing back Play At Home starting with Ratchet and Clank in March. This means you’ll be able to get the game at the added cost of nothing, which is great for fans of the original who never purchased the reboot thanks to how it sullied both Ratchet and Clank by making them as friendly, inoffensive, and dull as possible.

Still, while you have all of the above to anticipate, below you’ll find some PS Plus March 2021 free games predictions.

When will the PS Plus March 2021 free games be announced?

The PS Plus March 2021 free games should be announced on February 24th.

Sony’s PS Plus March 2021 free games should be announced at 16:30 GMT, which means we don’t have to wait too much longer for the curtain to be pulled aside.

While you have new titles to look forward to next month, know that you only have until March 1st to claim Control Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie for the additional cost of nothing.

Control Ultimate Edition is a unique third-person shooter that tricks people into thinking they’re civilised and smart for liking it, meanwhile Concrete Genie is a cute experience that brings out your inner artist.

Meanwhile, Destruction All Stars is available until April 5th on PS5 only. It’s an acceptable multiplayer game in which you frequently bash into others when not dangerously crossing the road in the shoes of a zany and colourful character.

PS Plus March 2021 free games predictions

One of our PS Plus March 2021 predictions is Disco Elysium for the PS5.

Some people are expecting Terminator Resistance seeing as its PS5 upgrade releases next month, but our PS Plus March 2021 predictions includes Disco Elysium instead.

The Terminator Resistance next-gen upgrade releases on March 26th, but we’re suggesting Disco Elysium instead because it’s coming out next month on PS5 and no release date has been shared as of writing. Plus, it’s coming to Sony consoles first, and you can’t pre-order it digitally or physically aside from a Collector’s Edition.

Of course, the above two prospects are assuming that another freebie will be made available on PS5 while Destruction AllStars remains.

Aside from Terminator Resistance and Disco Elysium, predictions for PS4 are scaled back thanks to the new release of Control Ultimate Edition.

Some people are speculating Untitled Goose Game or Planet Coaster as one of the smaller titles, meanwhile the more traditional AAA game could be Far Cry 5 or Uncharted Lost Legacy.

Uncharted Lost Legacy seems bound to happen at some point thanks to all other Uncharted games having been released for subscribers, meanwhile Far Cry 5 is a prediction solely thanks to the delay of the series’ sixth instalment.

Final predictions include Predator Hunting Grounds as it’s a PS4 console exclusive that not many people are playing.

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