Why did Daft Punk break up? Will there be new music in 2021? Fans of the musical duo are heartbroken over the recent news.

Monday, February 22nd 2021…

It’s the day that Daft Punk fans will never forget. The day that the electronic music duo’s split was revealed.

Since 1993, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have swept up listeners with their wonderful work, uniting the globe in song, dance and celebration.

They are arguably one of the most important names in the history of dance music and millions of people undoubtedly have cherished memories associated with their output.

Over the course of their career, they have delivered four studio albums – Homework, Discovery, Human After All, Random Access Memories – packed with iconic hits, but the time has come to sadly say goodbye.

Fans were recently shocked to tuck into an 8-minute farewell under the title ‘Epilogue’, but why did Daft Punk break up?

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Why did Daft Punk break up?

  • As of yet, the reason behind Daft Punk’s split is unknown. Publicist Kathryn Frazier confirmed the duo’s disbanding.

Billboard notes that ‘Epilogue’ serves as Daft Punk’s statement on their successful and exhilarating career.

The surprise video features Guy-Manuel and Thomas wearing their iconic helmets, venturing through the desert.

Thomas lags behind while his partner continues on; more and more distance begins to separate them. Needless to say, unsuspecting Daft Punk fans began to grow increasingly anxious.

They both stare at one another and Thomas takes off his jacket, revealing a control panel which his partner uses to enable a timer. After walking away, the timer detonates and his self-destruction confirms the end of an era.

An image of two hands – one gold, one silver – forming a triangle is accompanied by the years “1993-2021”, followed by the remaining figure setting off into the distance. The song ‘Touch’ plays over the visuals, and then we cut to black.

Opinion: Will there be new Daft Punk music in 2021?

After confirmation of the duo’s split and the release of ‘Epilogue’, it’s very difficult to imagine Daft Punk unveiling some new music to give fans one last gift.

Considering the details of ‘Epilogue’, the “1993-2021” shot confirms that Daft Punk ends in 2021, but if one were to be incredibly optimistic, you could argue “well, there are still many months of 2021 to go.”

Nevertheless, the clip the pair released feels unmistakably final in its execution. Surely there can be no recovery from that self-destruction? With one member gone in the framework of this narrative and the other almost disappearing amidst the backdrop, there is something which feels so concrete about it all. It’s a clip that suggests fans should treasure what they have, not speculate what’s next.

While numerous theories will likely emerge throughout the year, there is arguably no reason to expect one last project.

Watching ‘Epilogue’, you could say that the duo’s flawless legacy is their final offering.

Daft Punk fans react on Twitter

In wake of ‘Epilogue’ and the shocking news, Daft Punk fans have flocked to Twitter to weigh in their thoughts and theories.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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