Where is Dan Walker today? Viewers at home have been wondering whether the host has left the programme – here’s his absence explained.

BBC Breakfast has become a staple daily programme that helps the nation wake up and get ready for the new working day – even if for some this means getting ready for working on the sofa or in the next room.

From Monday to Wednesday at 6 am, the show is hosted by regular weekday presenters Dan Walker and Louise Minchin.

But many people have been left confused as Dan hasn’t been on BBC Breakfast this week.

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Dan Walker hasn’t been on today

Dan wasn’t on his regular spot on the BBC famous red sofa, alongside his co-host Louise Minchin.

The BBC Breakfast presenter was absent on Monday and Tuesday which prompted many viewers to question his absence.

One person asked: “Louise where is Dan? When is he back? I am missing my favourite duo. Usually, I only watch when the two of you are presenting Monday – Wednesday.”

Another one asked: “@louiseminchin, Charlie on a Tuesday, where is your partner in crime @mrdanwalker..”

So, where is Dan Walker?

The BBC Breakfast host is off this week and won’t be on the show.

Dan confirmed it himself on Twitter while responding to one person: “Back on the #BBCBreakfast sofa with @louiseminchin next week.”

The presenter was off from the BBC programme last week too. He might have decided to take a longer holiday combined with half term.

Who is replacing Dan Walker?

Charlie Stayt is replacing Dan while he’s off this week. He often steps in to co-host when one of the regular presenters is absent.

Charlie is a newsreader and journalist who works for the BBC. Since joining BBC Breakfast in 2006, he has regularly presented from Thursdays until Saturdays with Naga Munchetty.

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