Since it arrived on Netflix, Behind Her Eyes has left fans with plenty of questions but just what’s wrong with the character of Adele?

Behind Her Eyes has bewildered fans since it arrived on Netflix, most notably the character of Adele, played by Eve Hewson.

From episode 1, it’s hinted that not all is quite right with Adele and her relationship with David and fans are curious as to why.

But just what’s wrong with Adele in Behind Her Eyes and why is she a bit off in the series?

*Spoilers ahead*

Behind Her Eyes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Behind Her Eyes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

Behind Her Eyes arrived on Netflix on February 17th, 2021.

Based on the acclaimed Sarah Pinborough novel of the same name, the six-episode series tells the story of Louise who begins an affair with her new boss, David.

Matters are complicated when Louise bumps into Adele, David’s wife, and the pair begin an unlikely friendship.

However, nothing is as it seems in Behind Her Eyes and hints that David is controlling Adele are just the tip of an iceberg in mysterious and troubling goings-on.


What is wrong with Adele?

  • Adele is actually Rob, her friend from the mental health unit, who has infiltrated Adele’s body using astral projection.

Adele’s backstory in Behind Her Eyes is explored through a series of flashbacks.

Following the death of her parents in a deadly fire at their grand stately home, a traumatised Adele was admitted into a mental health facility where she met a recovering heroin addict, Rob.

The pair became firm friends during their time at the facility and confide lots of personal information in each other.

This also sees the pair learn about lucid dreaming and astral projection, the ability to control dreams and have out-of-body experiences.

During one of these astral projections, Rob and Adele swap bodies but matters take a more sinister turn when Rob, in Adele’s body, injects Adele, in Rob’s body, with a lethal dose of heroin, killing her.

This results in Rob taking Adele’s place in her life.


Rob’s motivations

Rob wanted to take Adele’s place as he’s gay and fell in love with David the moment he set eyes on him.

However, Rob’s plan falls apart as he can’t replicate the person Adele was, despite being in her body.

As a result, David starts to fall out of love with Adele as she’s quite literally not the person he first fell in love with.

This is where Louise comes in as the manipulative Rob manages to swap bodies once again, taking Louise’s body for his own in the final episode of the series in order to be David once and for all.

However, while David doesn’t suspect anything, Louise’s son, Adam, seems to know that there’s something not quite right with her anymore.


Behind Her Eyes is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on February 17th, 2021.

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