Claire Drake has landed herself in hot water once again. An old video of the TikTok star surfaced online, and people on Twitter have been quick to cancel her as they allege it mocks the holocaust. Here’s the drama that unfolded.

This is not the first time Claire has managed to get into trouble. Previously, she was slammed by her fans for a video in which she was allegedly mocking black women. Claire eventually apologized for the same. Now, fans have dug up another video of the star that they have deemed problematic.

Why is Claire Drake cancelled?

Few people on social media came across an old video of Claire from January 2020. The video caught the attention of the people because it was allegedly mocking the holocaust. People were quick to cancel her on Twitter after several of them called her out for the song.

At the same time, multiple people took to her comment section on TikTok and asked her to address the song. With 1.5 million followers, it seems like Claire has landed herself in trouble again. Amid this, there were a few who defended her. At the moment, there are mixed reactions on social media.

What did Claire Drake do before?

Previously, Claire was slammed by her fans after a screenshot of her allegedly mocking black women surfaced online. In the picture, Claire was spotted with exaggerated makeup and an afro wig. People were quick to call her out for it.

She then released an apology video and admitted she was wrong. Claire revealed that the pictures were taken years ago and she was a changed person now.

“There were pictures from like a year ago and in that, I had Instagram filters and all,” she said at that time. “It was embarrassing and I would never want people to feel less of a person or to make people bad about themselves. I would never want to post anything that would make them feel bad about themselves.” With that controversy left in the past, Claire now has another video to comment on.

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