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Some West Ham fans on social media have been reacting after seeing David Ornstein’s report that the first-team will be due £10m in bonuses if they qualify for the Champions League.

The idea of West Ham qualifying for the Champions League sounded a little ridiculous at the start of the season. After all, they barely avoided relegation last term, but with each passing week it’s looking like more and more of a distinct possibility.

Interestingly, some West Ham fans took this news as an opportunity to have another dig at the club’s ownership, despite the fact they’re in such a good position at the moment.

An Apology To Jesse Lingard… (And Moyes).

An Apology To Jesse Lingard… (And Moyes).

Indeed, a lot of the reaction to this news was fans claiming that David Sullivan won’t be pleased to fork out so much cash, or that this may affect next season’s transfer budget.

Of course, these comments are slightly tongue-in-cheek, and we’re sure this would be the happiest Sullivan would ever be to spend £10m, but this does once again highlight the ongoing frustrations with West Ham fans and their owners.

Whether or not these bonuses end up getting triggered remains to be seen.

Here’s what West Ham fans have been saying on social media…

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