Boris Johnson on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is the surprising pair we didn’t know we needed last night—at least for the memes anyway.

Last night, February 22nd, Boris Johnson made the announcement we’d all been waiting for: the end is apparently in sight.

The announcement presented a ‘road map’ out of the pandemic, with four stages of easing what is hoped to be the last lockdown. Dates were given but it was advised they are not set in stone, and can change depending on data results of previous stages.

In theory, March 8th will be the first stage out, while non-essential shops and hospitality hopes to be back on April 12th. June 21st is the big day though, being set as possibly the first day back to ‘normal’.

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People think it’s like an episode of Saturday Night Takeaway

Fans of Ant and Dec will be familiar with the classes Saturday Night Takeaway feature: ‘Get out me ear’. The sketch sees Ant and Dec talk in earpieces to celebrities, making them say ridiculous things to unknowing people.

Many online have jokingly pointed out the similarities between the show and Johnson’s speech. Some feel the given dates are unrealistic and don’t believe them, almost as if a certain two Geordies were making it up as they went along.

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Best Ant and Dec and Boris Johnson memes

Twitter seized the moment, and made an outpour of Saturday Night Takeaway memes with Boris Johnson.

As much as we want to believe it:

Ant and Dec hitting us where it hurts:

“Data not dates”:

Pubs without alcohol is like….Ant without Dec?

Two very different priorities:

Not too far from “outdoor hospitality only”, tbf:

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