The end of lockdown is finally in sight! Here are 25 of the best June 21st memes as Brits celebrate the all-important date.

After four million Covid cases, 120,000 deaths, three lockdowns and a cancelled Christmas, there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. It’s time to get excited because a potential lockdown end-date has been revealed.

Yesterday, Boris outlined the government’s roadmap to exit lockdown and Brits are feeling a sudden glimmer of hope. It’s a gradual process, and there are a few key dates when different restrictions will be lifted, but the most important one is June 21st.

By this date, the government hopes that England will be pretty much back to normal, with nightclubs, festivals and big sporting events being able to go ahead.

Brits have been taking to Twitter to react to the news, and now June 21st memes are flooding social media. Here is a roundup of all the best ones…

Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images

25 June 21st Memes

All the lockdown-easing dates competing for the biggest buzz.

The whole nation suddenly has a tiny bit of hope.

June 21st, sometime after lunch.

Posing for the club photographer on June 21st like…

When you have no social skills left after staying at home for a year.

Praying these Covid cases stay low.

Crying with happiness right now.

This is how we’ll be sleeping until June 21st.

Everyone turning up for the England match on June 22nd.

This is how we plan to be.

The streets are calling.

The year of hell is finally almost over.

We don’t plan on coming home on June 21st.

The excitement is too much.

Clubs will never be the same again.

June 21st camera roll goals.

Me before lockdown vs me on June 21st.

Not going to be able to sleep until June.

Turning up to the pub after a year inside like…

Live footage of me getting my stomach pumped.

Better clean those Air Forces.

It’s time for an ASOS order.

Imagine the scenes.

Chris Whitty when he realises he has no more slides left to show.

The drinks are going to be flowing.

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