Are you confused by the new ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel TikTok trend? You’re not the only one. Here’s what the challenge is actually about.

Yesterday (February 22nd), David Dobrik uploaded a video where he played the song Hey Lol by Khaleel and filmed his brother’s reaction. Now, the trend is going viral on TikTok, but what’s so special about the song?

Here’s why the challenge is taking over TikTok

Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images

The ‘Hey Lol’ Khaleel trend is taking over TikTok

A new TikTok trend has emerged that sees people filming whilst playing the song Hey Lol by Khaleel.

Whilst playing the track, they turn their phone onto a friend or family member to see their reaction.

But what is the trend all about?

The ‘Hey Lol Khaleel trend explained

If you’re a little confused by the trend, you’re not the only one. It just means you’re one of the innocent ones.

The song Hey Lol by Khaleel is a track that plays at the start of a lot of PornHub videos.

So, the trend essentially discovers whether people have watched the videos by seeing if they turn their head and recognise the song or not.

Watch David Dobrik do the challenge

The trend was popularised when YouTuber and social media David Dobrik did the challenge on his brother.

He captioned the video “hahaha testing to see if my little brother knows this sound”, and it’s had over 13 million views.

Watch it below!


HAHAHAHAHA testing to see if my little brother knows this sound !!!!

♬ hey lol – khaleel

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