Futurama is now on Disney Plus but how many seasons are available? Let’s explore the recent addition of the iconic animated series.

There are many things which feel near impossible…

Often, choosing your “favourite” of something feels like a mammoth task, and for Futurama fans, there is perhaps no way of determining your favourite character when immediately asked.

From Fry to Calculon, there are just so many outstanding characters throughout Matt Groening’s celebrated animated sitcom.

For many, tuning into Futurama brings back waves of nostalgia, and the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane with the Planet Express crew is far too enticing to dismiss.

Audiences have been contemplating its potential arrival on Disney+ since the streaming service was launched. So, in wake of recent news, what can we expect of Futurama on Disney Plus?

Futurama (The Curiosity Company et al.)

Futurama on Disney Plus: How many seasons?

  • All episodes of Futurama are available courtesy of the Star channel on Disney+.

So, you can watch it from start to finish, chronicling from the very first episode – ‘Space Pilot 3000’ – to the last, ‘Meanwhile’.

As noted by Yahoo!, the new channel is available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

So, those who are subscribed to Disney+ in these territories will have access to a wealth of shows and movies available in the Star library.

It is not available in the US, as What’s on Disney Plus addresses that the US already has Hulu, where a range of content under Disney’s brands is already available.

Futurama fans celebrate on Twitter

Episodes of Futurama were made available on Disney+ on Tuesday, February 23rd 2021.

Since then, fans of the show have flocked to Twitter to share their excitement:

10 essential Futurama episodes

If you’re eager for a dose of Futurama without working through the entire series, then look no further.

Below, we’ve highlighted 10 of the very best episodes, considering which adventures arguably feel the most essential, nostalgic and worthy of revisiting again and again:

  • ‘The Series Has Landed’ (Season 1, episode 2)
  • ‘A Fishful of Dollars’ (Season 1, episode 6)
  • ‘Mars University’ (Season 2, episode 2)
  • ‘Anthology of Interest I (Season 2, episode 20)
  • ‘Bendin’ in the Wind’ (Season 3, episode 13)
  • ‘Jurassic Bark’ (Season 5, episode 2)
  • ‘The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings (Season 5, episode 16)
  • ‘The Tip of the Zoidberg’ (Season 8, episode 10)
  • ‘2-D Blacktop’ (Season 10, episode 1)
  • ‘Meanwhile’ (Season 10, episode 13)

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