Let’s get the parental controls on Disney Plus UK explained. Here’s how to change them and ensure Star content is only reaching age-appropriate audiences.

Ever since its launch in 2019, Disney+ has become an essential in many households.

The streaming service offers a wealth of content, including titles you’d typically associate with Disney, as well as Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more.

Such popular films and shows as Soul and The Mandalorian have encouraged audiences to subscribe and the announcement of Star also earned attention.

The Star channel promised customers the platform’s biggest content drop yet and it was added on Tuesday, February 23rd 2021.

With shows from The X-Files to Family Guy, there is now a lot more content for adults to enjoy. Inevitably, this has led some to speculate whether their children will have access to mature content.

Fortunately, Disney+ has provided a way to ensure each profile is only able to access suitable content. Now, let’s get the parental controls on Disney Plus UK explained…


Parental controls on Disney+

From Tuesday, February 23rd 2021, it will be mandatory for Disney+ account holders to set a two-step parental control system.

As highlighted by the Express, this will ensure that every individual profile has an age rating limit.

For example, limiting a profile to 9+ means that the user won’t have access to Star content. To make things easier, it won’t actually display the channel on the homepage. Then there is also a 16+ option etc.

You will need to adjust the parental controls to make sure you have access to 18+ content.

Disney Plus UK: How to change parental controls

To change the parental controls, click on Edit Profiles and select the profile you wish to make changes to.

There is then a section called ‘Parental Controls’.

This gives you the option to choose an appropriate content rating. So, if you have young children, choose the lowest. However, if you’re an adult and it’s your profile, select 18+ to ensure you have access to all Star content.

Below the ‘Content Rating’ option, there is then an option to set up a 4-digit profile pin. This means that younger audiences cannot access the content on your profile without having a pin.

It’s best to make sure that each profile is up to date and adjusted to the appropriate content rating so that the whole family can enjoy Disney+.

If you don’t change your age limit to 18+, it won’t be done automatically. So, be sure to edit your profile so you don’t miss out on any content.

Jan Koeppen on the arrival of Star

President of The Walt Disney Company EMEA – Jan Koeppen – has said of Star’s inclusion on Disney+:

“Star will be an integral part of Disney+, making it bigger, bolder and even more exciting. The arrival of hundreds of TV series and movies including our exclusive Star Originals will make Disney+ the premier destination for high-quality entertainment with something for everyone.”

He added: “Needless to say, all this comes with parental controls to give parents that peace of mind.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get the controls set up and enjoy the show(s)!

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