Boris Johnson just announced a potential lockdown end date, and it’s two days after his birthday. Now, Boris Johnson birthday jokes are flooding Twitter!

Yesterday, the Prime Minister met with MP’s to announce the government’s roadmap to bring England out of its third (and hopefully final) national lockdown.

There are a few key dates, including schools going back on March 8th, an end to the ‘stay at home’ requirement on March 29th and non-essential retail and outdoor hospitality reopening on April 12th.

But the most important date of all is June 21st. Boris announced that everything could return to normality by this magic day, including the re-opening of nightclubs and festivals, and it’s brought a glimmer of hope to the nation.

However, eagle-eyed social media users have noticed something very suspicious about the lockdown end-date, and now jokes are flooding Twitter.

Photo by Leon Neal – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Boris Johnson’s birthday is on June 19th

Following Boris’ lockdown exit announcement, a screenshot started going viral on Twitter that shows that his birthday is on June 19th.

A quick Google search later, and we can confirm that it’s true, his birthday really is on June 19th, which is just two days before the lockdown is due to end.

Now, jokes are flooding Twitter as social media users claim that Boris is ending lockdown just in time for himself to celebrate his birthday, and everyone thinks he’s throwing a massive party.

Jokes are flooding Twitter

People think it’s a bit of a strange coincidence that nightclubs are opening straight after Boris’ birthday.

The timing is very convenient for Boris indeed.

Some people really aren’t happy that Boris gets to celebrate his birthday.

Who thinks he’s planning a massive sesh?

As Cardi B would say, that’s suspicious.

The lockdown end date is all down to science, obviously.

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