Rapper Bobby Shmurda is about to be released from prison after six years, and Twitter has already burst into memes. One that has caught everyone’s attention is Bobby’s hat meme. So, what’s the meme all about?

Fans of Bobby were happy that the rapper will finally be out of prison. He even acknowledged their support on social media. He thanked them for being loyal to him while he finished his sentence. Amid this, fans have also been waiting for Bobby to announce his new music. Some have been hoping that he would recreate his hat scene and finally give his fans some answers.

Bobby Shmurda hat meme explained

If you have been on Twitter, you would have seen several people talking about Bobby’s hat. The meme stems from his song ‘Hot Ni**a’ that was released six years ago. In the song, there is a segment where Bobby throws his hat in the air. However, fans noticed that the hat never comes down.

After the video was released, several fans turned the scene into a meme with many wondering what happened to the hat. Years after the release of the song, the question remains the same. Now, people want Bobby to give them the answers. Meanwhile, others want him to incorporate that scene into his new music.

Best Bobby Shmurda hat meme on Twitter

Twitter users have been sharing a lot of hat memes. Here’s are some of the best ones:

The hat seems to be coming back from a long journey

Snake Eyes | Final Trailer (2021 Movie) | Henry Golding, G.I. Joe

Bobby’s hat meme is incomplete without some Thor reference


Finally, the hat returns in style

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