A group of stray dogs with bright blue fur have been found in Russia near an abandoned chemical factory.

It was thought that the dogs had been exposed to chemicals used to make plexiglass. Many social media users had concerns regarding their health but doctors say they appear to be fit and well.

Read on to find out whether the bright blue dogs in Russia are real, or a fake photoshop mistake!

Are the blue dogs in Russia fake?

  • The blue dogs in Russia are not fake, some stray dogs have in fact been found with blue fur.

Photographs of the furry blue dogs started circulating a week ago and went viral after News reports and social media posts claiming that the canines had been turned blue due to chemicals from an old petrochemical company in Dzerhinsk, 230 miles east of Moscow.

The dogs were taken in and examined by vets to ensure that they were in good health and they had not been affected by any chemicals. There are plans to release the dogs because no one has offered to adopt them.

Chemical plant waste theories explained

There are many theories surrounding why the dogs have turned blue, including some social media users believing it to be a prank that has gone wrong.

It is also suspected that the dogs have rolled around in blue powder dye at an old factory. On February 13th the dogs were taken to a clinic in Nizhny Novgorod, where blood and faeces samples were taken. It was concluded that traces of Prussian blue dye were found in their fur.

It is not yet clear whether physical exposure to a chemical would turn a dog’s fur blue. Many believe that it must be the result of a reaction to chemicals such as copper sulphate. One thing is definite, and that is that the bright blue fur is not their natural bred colour…although that would be pretty cool!

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