A viral video of a 10th Mountain shoot-house training has gone viral, for all the wrong reasons, and the Division’s CSM has responded.

Social media has been alight with reactions to a training video from the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division. Shocked by the standard of the actions, social media users have been analysing every move, and seemingly error, of the army trainees.

The 10th Mountain Division is an infantry division of the United States Army, in Fort Drum, New York. The division is the only one of its size that receives specialized training for mountainous and arctic conditions.

Expectations are high for the 10th Mountain Division, which makes the viral video all the more shocking to viewers.

The 10th Mountain shoot-house video

The viral clip is from a body-cam of a training session in a shoot-house. The soldiers are clearing a mock house, room by room with live ammo.

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However, viewers have openly criticised the techniques used. Many have pointed to high risk of friendly fire, the over-use of muzzle flagging, and even standing directly in front of the ‘fatal funnel’.

It’s unclear where the video was sourced from, but it was re-shared first onto Facebook, before Twitter soon found it too.

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10th Mountain’s CSM responded on Twitter

Yesterday, February 22nd, Mario O. Terenas, the 10th Mountain Division CSM posted a video on Twitter addressing the situation.

He confirmed that the training video is of the 10th Mountain Division from a few months back, but assures that action will be taken.

“It is not the standard, it is not how we do business, it is not acceptable,” he said. “We will fix it, I guarantee you. I will fix it.”

Many viewers of the originally video have since applauded the 10th Mountain Division CSM for his ownership and plan of action.

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