The 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge is blowing up on social media, but what is it? Here’s the latest health craze explained.

As the world plummeted into Covid-19 lockdown this time last year, people needed to find ways of entertaining themselves. Whilst some people did Zoom quizzes, others baked banana bread, and some decided to go on a fitness journey.

The Chloe Ting Two Week Shred became the biggest online fitness craze, and people across the globe were doing her online YouTube workouts to try and get abs in a short space of time.

Now, there’s a new online fitness trend that’s taking over social media, and it’s called the 10 Day Drink Ketone Challenge. Here’s everything you need to know about it…

10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge

What is the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge?

A new health challenge has been blowing up on social media this month called the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge.

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It was created by a German company called Prüvit and involves drinking ketones every day to experience what it feels like to operate on a “premium fuel source”.

Ketones are chemicals that your liver produces when it breaks down fats, and our body uses them for energy. Your body produces them naturally, but they can also be taken in supplement form, which is what this challenge involves.

How to do the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge

To do the challenge, you first have to buy the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge kit which contains 20 sachets of Ketone supplement KETO//OS® NAT™.

It’s currently on sale on the Pruvit website for $99/£99 and can be shipped worldwide. The ketones come in loads of different flavours from Raspberry Lemonade to Blueberry Acai, and each box contains a mixture of all of them.

Once you receive the sachets, you need to drink them twice a day by dissolving the powder in cold water and shaking vigorously.

Pruvit has produced a plan that explains the best times to consume the drink and suggested meals to follow it.

10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge

What are the health benefits?

The 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge is going viral on TikTok right now, but what is the hype all about? Well, drinking ketones is said to have a lot of health benefits.

The Ketone sachets contain a mixture of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and more. All of these are said to increase energy, focus and also aid with weight loss.

Social media users are swearing by this doctor-formulated health trend, but the only way to truly find out whether it’s worth the hype is to try it for yourself.

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