The music world has been hit with unfortunate news today (February 22 2021) as Daft Punk announced their breakup after 28 years together. Now, fans are waiting to see whether the musicians will officially reveal themselves to the world, helmet free.

Photo by Marco Piraccini/Archivio Marco Piraccini/Mondadori via Getty Images

French electronic music duo Daft Punk have announced the end of their career through a seven minute YouTube video, titled Epilogue.

After nearly 30 years together, the two Parisians wore their Daft Punk robot helmets for the last time as they walked across a cracked desert ground, until the silver robot self-destructs after his one-minute countdown runs out of time.

The scene is taken from their 2006 avant-garde sci-fi film, Electroma.

Will Daft Punk reveal their faces post-breakup?

The members are already known to be Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, who dons the gold helmet, while Thomas Bangalter sports the silver helmet.

Over the years, the duo have been pretty consistent with keep their identities and appearance a secret, however there have been several occasions where the DJ’s have been caught helmet-less.

Those occasions have never been official public introductions as Daft Punk or as soloists since all photos have always been paparazzi or dug up youth photos.

Now that Daft Punk is over, there is a possibility that the iconic duo may officially present themselves with their true identity in their future music endevours.

Twitter reacts to Daft Punk’s split

No one is happy about this break-up, with many hoping that the pair are kidding, Sorry, they are not, but a reunion should not be ruled out.

After all, Guy-Manuel and Thomas are the masterminds between some of the most iconic tracks that are used for ads, dances, movies, games, you name it.

Some of their biggest songs date back to the early 2000s, such as ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ and ‘One More Time’ in 2007.

Their last, and seemingly their final album was released in 2013, featuring Get Lucky with Pharrell Williams, which became the song of the summer.

Together with The Weeknd, Starboy and I feel It Coming were Daft Punk’s final songs, which were certified 8x and 4x Platinum in US.

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