Tribes of Europa fans have been left asking “what is wolk?” after the mysterious substance was introduced in the German Netflix series.

Tribes of Europa, which released on February 19th, is Netflix’s newest original series from Germany

Set 53 years in the future, episode 3 of the series introduces us to the mysterious substance known as wolk.

But just what is wolk, what does it do and does it have a present-day equivalent?

Tribes of Europa | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tribes of Europa | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tribes of Europa on Netflix

Tribes of Europa landed on Netflix on February 19th, 2021.

The six-episode series is set in 2074 and tells the story of three siblings who have the power to change the fate of a fractured and dystopian Europe where the population has broken down into warring factions.

All three siblings are quickly separated and must forge their own paths in order to survive an ever more dangerous world.


What is Wolk?

  • Wolk is a type of drug used in the world of Tribes of Europa.

We are introduced to wolk in episode 3 as Kiano is forced to work in a factory producing the illicit substance by the Crows, one of the many warring factions.

As we see throughout the series, wolk is a popular drug that is inhaled through masks and is taken for recreation at parties.

Kiano is quickly warned about the effects of wolk when he sees someone who has been working on the drug’s production line who has been left a shell of a person.

That’s because wolk and especially its dangerous fumes can rot the brain in a matter of weeks, eventually leading to death.

Some fans of the series have theorised that wolk is a similar substance to Methamphetamine (meth) that is in use today and was made particularly famous thanks to the series Breaking Bad.


Wolk’s significance

Wolk is a huge part of Tribes of Europa’s world.

The substance, which is used all over the continent, is what has given the Crows their enormous wealth, power and influence.

In an attempt to cripple the Crows, David plans to destroy the wolk factories, removing a key source of income for the feared faction.


Tribes of Europa is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on February 19th, 2021.

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