SHINee has returned to the music scene after two years with their song and album, Don’t Call Me. After keeping the fans waiting for so long, their comeback has been answered with record-breaking figures.

Previously, we looked at what to expect from SHINee’s 2021 comeback, where fans got excited after seeing Kibum with long hair and Onew with blonde hair. On top of that, Taemin was constantly dropping hints for their fans, the Shawols, on livestream.

He said to expect a new SHINee style and fast choreography and Don’t Call Me definitely did not disappoint!

This February 2021 comeback marks the first release from the 12-year-old group after the three oldest members returned from their military enlistment. Minho was the last member to be discharged in November 2020.

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Watch: Don’t Call Me

SHINee’s newest release is much more fierce than their previous drops, with Don’t Call Me passionately declaring that they will never give their ex another chance. The lyrics read, “there will be no next time in your life, I don’t know you, so don’t call me”.

Main dancer Taemin was right about the fast choreography as the dance seems to be constructed of very precise slick movements, which is made even harder with change in different speeds.

Don’t forget that Minho gives the fans some eye candy as he shows a glimpse of his washboard abs in his black outfit, minus the shirt.

Twitter celebrates SHINee MV record

According to Shawols, who monitor their favourite group very closely, the K-Pop legends have broken their own YouTube record. Don’t Call Me has become the group’s fastest video to reach one million views.

If you’re wondering why the views seems sparse compared to other groups such as BTS and Blackpink, who garner 100 million views in less than one week, it may be due to the age of the group.

Since SHINee are a second generation K-pop group, it is likely that fans were not used to religiously streaming videos ten years ago. Even if they did, they may not have known how to do so efficiently, so that every view counted.

In Korea, every song on the album has landed a Top 10 spot on the Bugs! chart.

Fans are poking fun at how the song is directed at sasaeng fans, who are obsessive fans who stalk idols and intrude on their private lives.

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