Rapper Roddy Rich and 42 Dugg were associated with a death hoax after it was reported that a shooting took place at the scene of their video shoot. Here’s what really happened.

Twitter was left shocked after it was reported that shots were fired at the location where the two were shooting. The reports claimed three people were injured. However, the names and details of the victims were not revealed. Amid this, social media rumors about their death started spreading.

42 Dugg is not dead

The rapper decided to break his silence after social media users started making his name trend on Twitter. He took to his Instagram Live to put an end to all these rumors. In a live session with Lil Baby, the rapper said he was not present at the scene. Lil Baby acknowledged that there are a number of rumors that have been floating around on social media.

Fans were left pleased to know that the rapper was doing fine. Dugg shared the same live session with his followers on Twitter.

Roddy Rich is not dead

After Dugg confirmed that he is fine, fans were worried about Roddy Rich’s safety. Luckily, DJ A-Tron confirmed that Roddy was also doing fine. “My ni**a Roddy good, all the homies good,” he wrote on Twitter. Shortly after this, it was confirmed that the people who were injured are in stable condition and the shooter has been arrested.

“Atlanta Police confirm only two men shot at the music video shoot, and both now stable…and both not artists @42_Dugg or @RoddyRicch One man arrested on the scene was for the drug possession charge,” read an update. The rappers were not present at the scene when the incident took place.

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