Miss Scarlet and The Duke aired its season 1 finale on Sunday (February 21st) but will there be season 2?

The series, which first aired on Alibi in 2020, has gained incredible reactions and a loyal fan base.

The show follows Eliza Scarlet (played by Kate Phillips) who decides to start her father’s detective agency after she is left with no money to support herself.

But will there be season 2 of Miss Scarlet and The Duke? This story contains some spoilers about the first season.

Screenshot – Official Teaser: Miss Scarlet & The Duke

Will there be Miss Scarlet and The Duke season 2?

Yes! Miss Scarlet and The Duke will return for a second season.

The exciting news was confirmed by the show’s writer Rachael New on Twitter while responding to one fan.

“I accidentally finished Miss Scarlet and the Duke last night without realizing I was watching the last episode,” the fan tweeted. “It was like reaching into the bag of Oreos and realizing that suddenly there are none left and I didn’t even get to savor the last one. Horrifying.”

In response, Rachael announced: “Don’t worry Avery there will be a season 2.”

Miss Scarlet and The Duke season 2: Release date


It’s unknown when Miss Scarlet and The Duke will return for a second season. It’s still very early days since the series got the green light for a second outing a few months ago.

Speaking to IndieWire, Rachael explained that the current health situation has delayed the filming and production of the next series.

“We filmed in 2019 and wrapped in September,” Rachael said. “I was in Ireland finishing post-production and we delivered [the series] in January. So [COVID] wasn’t an issue at all at the time, nobody had even heard of it at that point.”

Make sure to check out the show’s official social media profiles where there will be more updates once there’s confirmation about a season 2 release date.

Miss Scarlet and The Duke season 2: Potential storyline

While the season 2 storyline is under tight wraps for the time being, the latest episode has given a hint at what’s to come in the next series.

After Moses turned out to be a good guy, it will be interesting to see what this means for his relationship with Eliza as they might become friends.

The second season might also focus a bit more on Eliza’s personal life. Many fans want to know whether there is a romantic relationship between her and the Duke in the works.

It will be interesting to see if the show’s creators go for the traditional route or come up with something entirely different.

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