Krept, from Krept and Konan, has announced recent split from long-term girlfriend Sasha. The couple had become one of UK Twitter’s favourite couples, and ‘relationship goals’ for many, so unsurprisingly have set Twitter alight with the news. Read on to find out what happened.

Taking to Twitter, Krept shared the news that he had split from Sasha, stating that they felt the fans should know.

“We feel like we was so public with you guys, we should let you guys know. But me and Sash have been friends for a while now and amazing co-parents to Nals,” he wrote.

“A lot changed during lockdown and since having Nals, and we just became good friends, but we are all good.” He finished with a red heart emoji.

The tweet quickly garnered attention and was met with both reactions of sadness and well-wishes.

Why did Krept and Sasha break-up?

Although they didn’t go into details of what happened in the relationship, it appears the couple just naturally grew into friends instead. The pair are clearly on good terms still, and Krept made a point to reassure that no wrongdoing was involved in his split from Sasha

“I feel like peoples’ assumptions would be that I did something lol no,” he tweeted.

“But yeah we been friends for a minute and it’s still love and good vibes, even celebrated valentines etc but we are only friends. We just felt we had to do this in private and give it time before we told you.”

Sasha appeared to agree with the statement and reasons given for the break-up, sharing the tweets on her Instagram story with a heart emoji.

Their relationship history

It’s unclear exactly when the two started dating, but they had reportedly been together for years before the split. In fact, in June of 2020 they welcomed daughter Nala into the world.

The rapper shared the news of the birth on Instagram writing: “She was born Thursday at 8:25pm. I can’t even explain the feeling but it’s the best feeling in the world. Watching Sasha go through all that pain, I fell in love with her all over again x10, so proud of her. Thanks for all the support and prayers throughout the pregnancy. My daughter is healthy, happy and beautiful.”

Sasha, a popular YouTuber, also vlogged the experience, in a video uploaded titled: “SHE’S FINALLY HERE”.

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