Genshin Impact update 1.3 has been available for awhile and fans should know that the Lantern Rite event is scheduled to end on February 28th with the Xiao market remaining open until March 7th. However, away from in-game activities, a forthcoming KFC event in China has been leaked. Here you’ll find the leaked release date and skins for the Genshin Impact KFC collaboration.

Aside from the leaked collaboration, there’s plenty to enjoy within the game such as the newly released Weapon Event Wish to compliment your Liyue characters. This fresh Weapon Event Wish includes the Staff of Homa, Lithic Blade, and Lithic Spear, and these are weapons that you might want to get.

While there’s the above Weapon Event Wish as well as the possible imminent arrival of Hu Tao to anticipate, below you’ll find the release date and skins for the leaked Genshin Impact KFC event.

Genshin Impact KFC event release date

The release date for the leaked Genshin Impact KFC event is March 8th.

Neither the release date or actual event are confirmed by miHoYo, but the Genshin Impact and KFC collaboration will reportedly happen next month with skins on offer.

The collaboration may seem odd, but the Kentucky fried chicken fast food icon has gotten into the bed with the video games industry before.

A dating simulator with the Colonel is available to enjoy, and – of course – there’s also the KFC console which – while hard to believe – is real.

This console won’t cook your chicken, but it’ll keep the chicken warm while somehow trying to stop the console’s inside compartments being ruined by grease and crumbs.

Genshin Impact KFC skins

The Genshin Impact KFC collaboration involves skins.

Featuring Diluc and Noelle, the leaked Genshin Impact x KFC collaboration banner will provide skins for buying a Diluc chicken bucket set meal.

Again, the collaboration seems odd on paper, but it wouldn’t be the strangest thing the Colonel has done within the video games industry.

Unfortunately, it seems as though it will be restricted to China only, meaning the skins won’t be available elsewhere.

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