Coca-Cola has been facing backlash ever since their employee training instructing them “to be less white” was revealed on social media and Coke drinkers on Twitter have been slamming them with hilarious sarcastic comments.

2020 saw the huge global development of the Black Lives Matters movement due to the killing of George Floyd in May, sparking protests highlighting police brutality towards black people. At the same time, headlines of hate crime towards East Asians has been trending as they have been blamed for the spread of COVID-19.

In wake of these events, it seems that Coca-Cola has deemed it necessary to train their employees how to be anti-racist and thus, “less white”. However, the internet are now accusing them of being anti-white and racist.

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Coca-Cola’s “try to be less white” training explained

On February 19th. psychologist and YouTuber Karlyn Borysenko tweeted images of a slideshow from Coca-Cola’s online LinkedIn training. The slides feature clear directions from American author Robin DiAngelo on how to behave, including “be less arrogant”.

Karlyn followed the tweet with a slide-by-slide video analysis of the entire presentation – she criticises the author for her lack of trustworthy sources and her assumption that all white people are oppressive, simply because she is.

The course is not a Coca-Cola exclusive, since it is available to any company that pays for the LinkedIn course membership. According to the site, there are nearly 21,000 learners that have access.

Coke responded that the course “is not a focus” of the company but customers have hit back emphasising that the brand still do not intend to remove the training course.

Twitter responds with sarcasm to Coke’s anti-white program

It looks like Coke’s rival, Pepsi, will be getting a lot more customers after soda drinkers have joked on Twitter that they are “too white” to drink coke and poke fun that the program has made them ‘hate themselves’ due to their white skin.

#boycottcocacola is currently spreading along with the tweets.

Some users share the same view as controversial activist Candace Owens, by switching the roles and considering the repercussions if the program taught employees to be less black. Candace is known for her pro-Trump activism and criticism of the BLM movement.

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