Bobby Shmurda’s release date is, like an object in a wind mirror: closer than it may appear. The rapper’s final days in prison have been pushed forward, by around ten months to be exact. Read on to find out when and why he’s being released.

Having been behind bars since 2014, fans of the rapper have been long awaiting his release from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility. “I miss Bobby Shmurda so much,” tweeted one fan.

Now, they won’t have to wait that long. Not long at all.

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When is Bobby Shmurda’s release date 2021?

According to TMZ, Bobby Shmurda’s release date is February 23rd 2021. That’s tomorrow. Originally, he was expected to be released from prison on December 11th, after being previously denied parole.

In September, he reportedly had 11 violations and his appeal for parole was denied. However, reportedly the Time Allowance Committee reviewed his behaviour and prison programs participation and decided to bring forward the conditional release date.

The conditions being good behaviour until the release date. Some fans have speculated that the rapper has already been released, after noticing activity on his Instagram account.

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Why was Bobby Shmurda arrested?

Bobby Shmurda was arrested in December 2014, and was accused of leading street gang GS9, a reported Crips-offshoot gang. Originally charged with conspiracy, reckless endangerment and gun possession, he accepted a plea deal.

The rapper accepted a plea deal, pleading to conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and five years probation. By the time of his sentencing, Bobby Shmurda had already been in jail for 20 months, which were credited from his seven-year sentence.

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