(G)I-DLE’s Seo Soo-jin became the center of controversy as her name was linked with bullying. Now, fans are making the ‘apologize to Soojin’ trend after she broke her silence. Here’s what happened.

Fans of the singer are taking over Twitter to make sure that the singer gets the apology that she deserves. Several people showcased their support and love for her by making the ‘apologize to Soojin’ trend. Following this,  Cube Entertainment released a statement of their own. Now, Soojin has also broken her silence.

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What did (G)I-DLE’s Soojin do?

Soojin found herself in hot water after a rumor claiming she was a bully in school started spreading online. The rumor started after a user claimed they knew Soojin personally. One of the social media users alleged they were the sister of the victim who had experienced bullying by Soojin.

Following this, the alleged victim also came forward and accused Soojin of the same. However, Club Entertainment denied these rumors. “First, upon checking with Soojin herself about the post about (G)I-DLE’s Soojin that is being spread online, it was found that the creator of the comment is the older sister of Soojin’s classmate from the middle school,” the statement read.

It continued, “It is true that the poster heard Soojin and her classmate arguing over the phone and had an argument with Soojin after taking over the call. However, we have confirmed that the poster’s claims about school violence and such were not true at all.”

‘Apologize to Soojin’ trend explored

The trend started picking up on Twitter after Soojin released a statement of her own. In that, Soojin recalled what had happened while apologizing to her fans for causing them any distress.

She said in the post, “I want to be clear about what is posted. First, I have never assaulted that friend. Second, I have never been on a motorcycle. Third, I have never sent a group text leading to bullying. Fourth, I have never stolen a school uniform or stolen anything.”

She continued, “fifth, I have never had a conversation with actress Seo Shin-Ae when I was student. I’m sorry that this person seems to have been affected by this incident.”

After reading her message, fans want everyone who slammed the singer to apologize to her. They believe she deserves an apology for being treated unfairly for a rumor.

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