The TikTok video of a Marine girl has gone viral. Dalina, who goes by the name gwotthot on TikTok, has been posting her experience in the Marine. . Here’s a look at who she is.

Nearly 6.5 million people have seen the video of Dalina in which she is calling out the Marine Corps for badly handling her sexual assault case. In the video, Dalina reveals she is unhappy with the punishmene her assaulter has received. Since then, several people have taken to the comment section to share some messages of support.

Who is Dalina a.k.a gwotthot on TikTok?

Dalina became famous after her video went viral. She has posted several videos on TikTok in which she shed light on her sexual assault. She currently has 322.4K followers. She is also the founder of ‘Not My Reality.’

The website reads, “Not My Reality (NMR) strives to create a safe haven for military-affiliated survivors of sexual assault and harassment. We believe that every service member deserves to be respected and honored during their career, without the interference of sexual crimes.”

It further continues, “Our mission at NMR is to reform the sexual assault advocacy programs within the Department of Defense in order to create a better military experience for survivors while also educating commands and leadership on proper procedures and debunking common misconceptions. “

The money earned through the website goes into “providing financial aid to victims who request civilian lawyers, facilitating support groups, meet ups or helping us create an open and honest conversations with units via seminars every contribution counts and matters to us.”

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What happened after Dalina’s video went viral?

Dalina’s video helped bring attention to her situation. After the video gained nearly 6 million views, it has been reported that the US Marine is looking into the matter. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, also broke his silence on the incident.

Even though he did not jump into the details of what is happening, he said, “I found the video deeply disturbing, and I’ve asked my staff for additional information, and I’ll leave it at that.”