YouTube has taken action against PewDiePie’s Coco video. The YouTuber had posted a diss track, and it has not been taken down. Here’s why it was banned and how Twitter reacted to it.

PewDiePie decided to post a diss track that was directed towards Cocomelon. In the song, he also targeted rapper 6ix9ine and J.K. Rowling. Several people had fallen in love with the track and thought there was nothing wrong with it. However, YouTube did not think the same.

Why did YouTube ban PewDiePie’s Coco?

Several people took to Twitter and questioned YouTube for taking down the video. Fans seemed upset with their decision. In response, YouTube decided to break their silence by replying to one of the comments. The Twitter account of YouTube suggested that the video violated two policies.

The first one was child safety. The statement read, “By looking like it was made for kids but containing inappropriate content (including violence.) The second policy was harassment. YouTube stated, “we allow criticism and diss tracks in some cases, but with policies in mind, the video crossed the line. “

YouTube further added, “any reuploads of the original, including the original, including full-length or partial reupload clips, etc will be removed too. Still images are ok.”

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Twitter reacts to the ban of PewDiePie’s Coco

Several people on Twitter called out for their actions as they thought it was an unjust decision. “So wap stays un age-restricted but Pewdiepie’s Coco was taken down even though it’s within the guidelines? Ok YouTube,” read one comment.

“Wait I was just gonna watch PewDiePie’s coco again, then I realized that the video got taken down from Youtube. I knew this would happen, but why Youtube? Don’t you have many other vids that seriously worse than this to take action of?” another questioned. “All major YouTubers should stop posting videos until YouTube brings back #coco. If Pewds video can be taken down, all videos can be taken down. #pewdiepie,” said another.

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