Nairoby ‘Nairo’ Quezada is making a comeback. In a video, he explained how he took time to reflect on his mistakes and is ready to start a new chapter in his life. But what was the drama all about?

Several people on Twitter were quick to express their happiness over his return. On the other hand, there were others who seemed to oppose it. Social media was filled with mixed reactions, but it looks like Nairo is focusing on the positive and turn a new chapter of his life.

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Nairo drama explained

In 2020, Nairo found himself in the middle of sexual assault allegations, as reported by ESPN. He was a famous Super Smash Bros. player at that time, and the allegations took a hard hit on his career. These allegations were made by Zack “CaptainZack” Lauth.

After people started reacting to this, NRG Esports decided to come forward and break their silence on the same. They decided to end their contract with Nairo. “This morning we were made aware of disturbing information involving Nairo,” they said in a statement released on Twitter. “We take these situations incredibly seriously. NRG has severed all ties with Nairo.”

In the post made by Zack, he also alleged that Nairo’s brother and manager, Kelvin “ksizzle” Quezada, had paid him money to stay silent. Following this, Nairo released a statement of his own in which he said, “I am not making excuses. My behavior was wrong. I was wrong. I messed up tremendously.”

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However, he later came forward and claimed that Zack’s allegations were wrong and he had made the post while being in a “panicked and emotional state.”

“Zack’s allegations are all completely false. When it came out and I saw how everyone threw me aside so quickly, everything I’d been repressing broke me. If my friends weren’t willing to hear out my side, why would anyone else? In my panicked, emotional state, I just gave up, told a friend to write a vague apology, and posted it,” he wrote. Nairo went on to allege that he was raped and was taking legal action against Zack. You can read his entire statement here.

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Nairo talks about his return and future plans

Nairo revealed that he has reached a legal agreement and opened up about coming back to Smash. He also reflected on his future plans. “I did feel at a certain point that I needed to heal away from the place I once called home, home obviously being the Smash community,” he said. “I never saw myself competing again. I never saw myself working with teams and sponsors again. And as much as it sucks because I really, really love doing it, I never saw myself streaming and making content again.” As for Twitch, he is still banned and has requested an appeal.

Meanwhile, Nairo revealed he is currently taking therapy and is happy with the progress. “For me, personally, I wish I had done it sooner,” he said. “It’s been a big help to me since the very beginning. I don’t know what happens from here on out, all I know for sure is I do miss hanging out with my community. I miss being able to help out various causes and charities, and I wish I could provide for my family again because they relied on me.” 

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