Rumours circulated the internet in February 2021 suggesting that Megan Fox was ‘anti mask’. The Transformers actress has responded to claims in a statement where she says she’s possibly been “socially crucified”.

Actress and model Megan has appeared in the headlines many times in her career. She split from her husband Brian Austin Green in 2020 and more recently, she and Machine Gun Kelly have publicly declared their love for one another. Megan and MGK fans have been loving their relationship on Twitter, however, more recent rumours of her being an anti masker, not so much.

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Is Megan Fox ‘anti mask’?

There is nothing to suggest that Megan Fox is ‘anti mask’. She has never spoken publicly about wearing, or not wearing, a mask.

A fake Instagram post circulated the internet around February 19th suggesting that Megan herself had written a statement about not wearing a mask amid the pandemic.

The photoshopped post suggested that Megan wanted her fans to “respect” she and her family’s “beliefs, values and privacy” after her “decision to not wear a mask in public”.

However, it’s been revealed that this post was doctored.

Megan responds to the anti mask claims

February 19th 2021 saw Megan respond to the false statement that was circulating.

She took to Instagram stories and said that she: “had never made any statements regarding wearing masks” and added that it was “scary” that something could “go viral” even though she hadn’t done anything.

It looks as though the fake IG post was photoshopped from an old post of Megans from 2014. The post, combined with an image of Megan and her boyfriend walking in public maskless, looks to have caused drama online. However, the actress has been quick to set the story straight.

Screenshot: @meganfox Instagram stories

Twitter reacts to the Megan mask rumours

While some Twitter users took to the internet to bash Megan over the false anti masker post, others jumped to her defence.

One person Tweeted: “I’m glad to hear that the Megan Fox mask Instagram statement about masks was fake. people have way too much time on their hands”.

Others made jokes about the whole anti mask drama and said: “Megan Fox doesn’t need to wear a mask she’s an essential worker (showing her face to the public)”.

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