Singer Lana Del Rey seems to be getting popular on TikTok. At first, there was a TikTok cult. Now, some believe she has burned a bible. Here’s all the drama and cancellation explained.

To begin with, NO, Lana did not burn a bible. TikTok has been buzzing with news of Lana. While some are good ones, others make you wonder if they are true. Among them, the theory that Lana burned a bible happens to be one of them. Here’s how it started and what is going on.

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Lana Del Rey burning bible drama explained

Several people were left asking this question after some users on TikTok alleged that the singer had burned a bible. However, this is not true. This happens to be just another social media rumor that is swirling around. Lana has never burned a bible or disrespected any religion.

Unfortunately, there were a few people who joined the bandwagon of cancel culture. Even though there was no proof of this alleged “burning the bible,” people started cancelling the singer on TikTok. Meanwhile, there were others who came to her defense.

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It is unclear who started the rumor. However, it is no surprise that it was quick to spread across social media. This comes after people started changing their profile pictures on TikTok with a picture of the singer.

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TikTok profile and Lana Del Rey picture

If you have been on TikTok recently, you would have noticed that several people have changed their TikTok profile picture to that of Lana. The picture shows a car burning in the background as Lana smiles.

For those wondering what is happening, some of Lana’s fans have started a “TikTok cult” for the singer. Anyone can join this as people who like the singer come together to appreciate her. It might be an unusual way to express love, but hey, who are we to judge?

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