February 19th sees the film I Care a Lot arrive on our screens but just where was the movie filmed? What filming locations were used?

I Care a Lot arrives on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on February 19th.

The film stars Rosamund Pike and Eiza González as a pair of pension-pilfering swindlers whose latest target proves to be more dangerous than expected.

But just where was I Care a Lot filmed? What filming locations were used during production?

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I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot arrives on February 19th, 2021. Fans in the US will be able to watch on Netflix while international viewers can tune in via Amazon Prime Video.

The film tells the story of Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike), a woman who makes a living by stealing from the elderly after she scams her way into becoming their ‘legal guardian.’

However, Marla’s latest target, Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest), proves to be more trouble than meets the eye as she has ties to a powerful gangster (Peter Dinklage).

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Where was I Care a Lot filmed?

  • I Care a Lot was filmed in Massachusetts in the US as well as in the UK.

Filming began on I Care a Lot in July 2019 and took place in the state of Massachusetts and the UK.

Specific locations used during production include Boston, the state capital of Massachusetts as well as the towns of Dedham and Natick.

The Norfolk County Registry of Deeds in Dedham and St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Natick are two locations we see during the film.

On top of that, however, production also took place at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire in the UK, one of the most famous film studios in the world.

Netflix | Amazon Prime Video

I Care a Lot is available to stream on Netflix in the US and Amazon Prime Video internationally from February 19th, 2021.

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