No Escape Room has made it into US Netflix recently but fans have been left with plenty of questions about the movie’s ending which needs to be explained.

Escape rooms have exploded in popularity in recent years so it’s no surprise that the activity has become the subject of a number of films.

No Escape Room, which was first released in 2018, has made its way onto Netflix in the US recently and fans have wasted no time in getting their teeth stuck into this puzzling horror.

As well as the escape room element of the film, No Escape Room’s ending features plenty of supernatural goings-on that need to be explained.

No Escape Room on Netflix

No Escape Room first released in 2018 but the film found its way onto Netflix in the US on February 18th, 2021.

The film follows Karen and her father, Michael, as their road trip vacation is interrupted when the car breaks down.

While they wait for the vehicle to be repaired in a small, remote town, they venture off to a nearby house that plays host to a spooky escape room.

However, the puzzles and challenges that make up this escape room have a much more supernatural element to them than first thought.

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No Escape Room’s plot

No Escape Room begins innocently enough. When Karen and Michael arrive at the house that hosts the escape room, they are joined by three others, Melanie and Tyler – a couple – and Andrew whose reason for being there is unexplained.

The five contestants are introduced to the escape room’s rules by Josie, a woman who seemingly runs the business.

Josie shows the five contestants a video, explaining the spooky backstory behind the house and while everyone believes it’s a bit of scary fun, there’s more truth to the tale than first thought.

The gang then proceed into the first escape room and the challenge progresses as you’d expect until strange happenings start to occur which eventually leads to the death of everyone in the group apart from Karen and Michael.

These strange events only heighten as the group enters the second challenge room where Melanie hears herself on the phone and Tyler is so spooked that he yells the safeword and escapes.

However, we later learn that this was the death of Tyler as Melanie later finds him hanging from the ceiling.

In the second escape room, the group finds Josie locked in a closet but she’s badly wounded and dies after giving the group a warning about the mysterious Inventor who once lived at the house but it’s still not clear if this is a game or reality.

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The group then ventures further into building the but get separated with Karen ending up in a basement morgue while Melanie, Andrew and Michael find another challenge.

The challenge leads Melanie to become separated from the group which is when she finds a dead Tyler and in a panic falls to her death.

Andrew, who is now separated from Michael, manages to find Karen in the morgue where the two complete another grim challenge to escape but in the process, Andrew is dragged away by an unknown creature.

Meanwhile, Michael has the most bizarre experience of all as he finds his way outside to a river, from which a mysterious woman emerges before he’s dragged into the water by chains.

It turns out to have been a strange hallucination of some kind as he wakes back up in the house.

At this point, Michael and Karen are reunited but the strange events don’t stop there as they’re forced to go back through the looping escape room, completing the challenges they’ve already done.

Eventually, this leads to them finding the master key inside Josie’s bleeding wound and they inexplicably end up in the bathroom of the diner where they first suggested visiting the escape room.

The pair have seemingly escaped but once they reach the car, they realise that they’re still locked inside the game.

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No Escape Room’s ending explained

Somewhere along the line in No Escape Room, the group end up in a time loop of some description, becoming trapped in the game.

This is shown through Melanie’s phone call with herself where she warns Tyler to run, which we also see from Karen and Michael’s perspective.

Karen seems to have some grasp on the situation, saying that the events are like an “echo of something that’s already happened.”

However, the exact mechanics of the escape room and the supernatural powers of the Inventor are never explored.

The film ends with Karen and Michael trapped in their car, in a never-ending version of the escape room game. There is literally no escape.

No Escape Room is available to stream now on US Netflix after arriving on February 18th, 2021.

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