No Escape Room arrived on US Netflix this week but the film’s open-ended conclusion has left some fans asking for a sequel, No Escape Room 2.

Escape rooms have exploded in popularity in recent years so it’s no surprise that the activity has become the subject of a number of films.

No Escape Room, which was first released in 2018, has made its way onto Netflix in the US and fans have wasted no time in getting their teeth stuck into this puzzling horror.

However, the film’s open-ended conclusion leaves room for more prompting fans to ask if there will be a No Escape Room 2.

No Escape Room on Netflix

No Escape Room first released as a TV movie in 2018 but the film found its way onto Netflix in the US on February 18th, 2021.

The film follows Karen and her father, Michael, as their road trip vacation is interrupted when the car breaks down.

While they wait for the vehicle to be repaired in a small, remote town, they venture off to a nearby house that plays host to a spooky escape room.

However, the puzzles and challenges that make up this escape room have a much more supernatural element to them than first thought.

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Will there be a No Escape Room 2?

  • It has not been announced if No Escape Room will be getting a sequel.

When the film originally released on October 6th, 2018, it was part of a 31 Days of Halloween event on the channel Syfy.

If there was going to be a sequel, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it released as part of a similar event in the future.

Although, no one connected to the film has announced plans for a sequel just yet.

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There is certainly room for more

While no plans for No Escape Room 2 have been announced, there is definitely room for more in this story.

The film ends with Michael and Karen escaping the house but remaining trapped inside the game itself. Could a sequel explore how they finally manage to escape?.

On top of that, the mysterious Inventor behind the escape room game remains anonymous throughout the film and there seems to be no origin behind the spooky goings-on at the house.

A sequel would be the perfect opportunity to explore the reason behind the house’s haunted nature and the origins on the mysterious Inventor.

However, if this was to be the case, you could argue that this stops the first film from being quite so open to interpretation.

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No Escape Room is available to stream now on US Netflix after arriving on February 18th, 2021.

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